Beefsteak and Boxing at the New York Athletic Club

by Jason Roth on June 19, 2009

Straight out of the “only in New York” news blotter, The New York Athletic Club held its “Beefsteak and Boxing” event last night.

A full-size boxing ring is set up in the middle of one of their ballrooms, in their club building located at 180 Central Park South. The NYAC has a long history of boxing, though I’m doubting Mark Twain was served so much well-cooked steak, creamed spinach, and endless quantities of beer and wine. (My only complaint was the onion rings, and I’m not complaining, because I liked the fries.)

Yes, that's a boxing ring in the ballroom.

Yes, that's a boxing ring in the ballroom.

Members of the NYAC boxing club went up against boxers from the NYPD and NYFD. This is a massive generalization, but from where I sat (behind my glass of red wine), it was generally a battle of technique versus aggression. Our city’s finest had skills, no doubt, but the edge went to the NYAC, who clearly had better training (and/or more time for it). The fist thing I’d tell the cops: Protect yourself at all times! Too many shots made contact because the gloves were hanging too low. But the bouts were matched up well, and the evening was far from one-sided. And did I mention steak?

If you want to see the NYPD and NYFD actually go up against each other, get your tickets now for the Battle of the Badges, coming up in September.


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