Restaurants Respond to Health Care Reform

by Jason Roth on March 24, 2010

From Nation’s Restaurant News:

“I operate three franchises in New Jersey and have a total of 140 employees … I haven’t been able to provide health care because of the cost, and now with the proposed fines, if I don’t, I will need to raise my menu [prices] 25 percent to pay the fines or provide care. The past few years have been more trying than any in my past almost 40 years in the business. I don’t believe the consumer will understand the reason business prices will increase, [and] customer counts will go down, layoffs will occur and the cycle will continue … I shudder to think how many small business people will shut the doors as this will put them into the crimson rather than just in the red.” — George Ebinger, board member, New Jersey Restaurant Association, Toms River, N.J.

Someone pass the word on to Obama. He claims he’s just screwing the evil rich.


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