Me Versus Boulud and Colicchio

by Jason Roth on June 12, 2009

I have a couple home cooking dramas to document. I should be able to write them up this weekend, between acts of forced labor in the garden of my friend’s amazing Catskills home.

The first is a Daniel Boulud dish. This time, my wife, Karen, helped out. The first time I made this dish, I swore I would never make it again. Actually, I swore I would never use this entire Boulud cookbook again. In reality, the dish should be made by people who… well, know how to cook. Here’s what was required: lobster, lobster bisque, pea puree, and homemade pasta. Pea puree sounds good, but it was the least of my troubles. The idea of making lobster bisque in order to have a few spoonfuls of sauce should have been enough to dissuade me. And this was supposed to be an appetizer, for Christ’s sake. Nevertheless, the result was good. I’ll take you through it, with photos.

The other recipe, really a series of recipes, was from Tom Colicchio. I’m reading his Think Like a Chef, and decided I was sold on roasted tomatoes. I’ve roasted tomatoes before, but I liked the way Colicchio incorporates them into other dishes. One batch yielded three different dishes. The good news is that they came out pretty good, and the last one was so good, Karen nearly insisted I make it again the next day. I did, though you might wonder if I had been thanked in the way the name of this website implicitly endorses. I would like to think she would have, however nature had the advantage in this case. But I’m optimistic. I think of the Chilean sea bass as slow food.


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